Friday, March 15, 2013

On 2013 - My Year of the Friendship!

This will just be a short post today - I may write more on the topic of friendship later on.  I have done some reflection over the past few weeks and decided that now that excitement of my wedding has passed, my "Friendship Muscles" need some flexing.

As I've written in past posts, I've found that maintaining strong friendships through divorces and break-ups and moves has been very difficult for me. Some dear friendships that I've made over the years are hanging in there - but they've definitely suffered from my move from the Midwest to the West Coast and a 3-hour time difference. Other friendships that had the potential to develop into stronger connections withered when our common group or context was lost due to a break up or life change.

I always thought that I'd make some of my strongest life friendships when I become a mother someday, but I'm starting to think that it is silly to wait for that phase of my life in order to expand and deepen my social circle - I should put in the time and energy to do it now and develop the habits and practices and traditions that will sustain all of my friendships through sleep deprivation and grueling car pool schedules and the other trials and tribulations of parenthood.

Luckily, I did a little research the last few weeks and discovered that I am not alone in this struggle, and that there are resources to help me strengthen my friendships and friendship skills - in particular, there is a new book out called, Friendships Don't Just Happen!: The Guide to Creating a Meaningful Circle of Girlfriends by Shasta Nelson

I just bought the book and joined her online social community,  In addition, I have taken an even bigger leap of faith and created a new Meetup group - SF Girlfriends Book Club & Social Group.

I'm hoping that facilitating this group will inspire and energize me in my own journey to make 2013 my "Year of the Friendship" and also allow me to help other women in the San Francisco area do the same.  Please check out my new meetup site and consider joining or spreading to word to women who you think might be interested - this a whole new adventure for me, and I could really use your help!

In the meantime, I would also appreciate your insights as readers across the globe on the important and challenging practice of making and maintaining friends.  What has worked well for you over the years?  What pitfalls have you encountered and had to overcome?  What recommendations do you have for me and other readers who may be embarking on trying to bolster their friendship circles?  Please add your comments below and let us know what you think!

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